Make Your Brand Stand Out with Custom Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever driven on the highway or a main road and noticed a striking advertisement on another vehicle? Even if you don’t currently need that particular service or product, there’s still something very alluring about bright and colourful vehicle wraps that make you look twice. Unique and noticeable vehicle wraps stand out from other…read more >

2017 Trends that Will Drive Retail In-Store Marketing, Part 2

Today’s retailers have realized that they need to really step up their marketing game if they want to acquire and keep new customers. Brick-and-mortar stores are slowly starting to lose their appeal as shopping by internet becomes faster and more cost efficient. For this reason, retail companies need to reclaim their territory by using innovative…read more >

RI: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

At Resource Integrated Ltd. (RI), we never back down from a challenge and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to make your creative visions a reality. Each new year presents different opportunities and coming up with exciting and innovative marketing ideas that will help your business grow and prosper is our goal. From…read more >

New Year’s Resolutions with the RI Team

At Resource Integrated Ltd., New Year’s is a time of celebration and profound reflection. Our team understands and appreciates the significance of everything we have worked hard to accomplish with our valued customers in 2016, and take pride to also have the foresight, talent, and dedication to continue moving forward and build upon our achievements….read more >

2017 Trends That Will Drive Retail In-Store Marketing, Part 1

New sales and marketing trends are constantly emerging, and with the start of a new year, it is especially important for retailers to constantly update their marketing strategies and tools to comply with evolving trends. Experts predict big changes for retail trends in 2017. Many of these changes will be technology-based and will rely upon…read more >