Digital printing has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional offset printing for marketers, businesses and consumers alike primarily for its low-cost and high efficiency capabilities. So what exactly is digital printing? It’s a way of transferring words, phrases, and images from a digital file on a computer or other electronic device directly onto a chosen substrate or material.

The main thing that sets digital printing aside from traditional offset printing is its versatility, and seamless adaptability. Unlike the traditional printing process which is much longer and requires set-up using printing plates, digital printing is reasonably easy and any changes or adjustments that need to be made can be done easily by simply adjusting the original computer generated source files and then printed within a matter or minutes or hours. Images and words can be printed onto a large variety of different substrates and materials according to the needs of a client.

Why Choose Digital Printing?

Digital printing is fast, efficient, accurate, cost-effective, and high quality. Digital printing applications are accurate and consistent and images and content that make up a printed piece are not altered in any way. Multiple versions of a piece can run consistently without having to stop and restart, which is especially advantageous when you are printing a piece in multiple languages or different versions

Digital Printing Technology, Application, and Trends

Digital printing is especially useful for many applications such as:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Variable data printing for mass personalization for database-driven files
  • Fine art and photography wall art
  • Print on demand to produce a custom piece such as a personalized book or album
  • Advertising materials such as point-of-sale, outdoor signage, large format signs, tradeshow signs and displays
  • Wall murals and floor decals for interior and exterior spaces


Like all forms of technology, digital printing is constantly evolving and improving, from the hardware that is used right down to the final print quality. For best results, it’s best to work with a professional digital printing service who has the knowledge and experience to make recommendations to run your unique print project.

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