Interactive Displays and Walls

Brand power.

Your brand is the emotional connection you make with your customer. Using innovative ways to stimulate a consumer’s sense of sight, sound and touch can create a positive and memorable experience.  Show it off.

Using interactive displays and walls can really push your brand to a different level. They provide a multi-sensory approach for your customer to engage with your brand. Seeing is believing. A well-executed display can leave a lasting impression and of course, help make the sale for your product or service.

There are numerous display and wall solutions available to match your   budget and requirements including vinyl wall, banner stand, magnetic chalkboard wall, fabric panels or acrylic laser cut lettering, to name just a few. Work with a reliable vendor to help make your vision come alive. Imagination is limitless.

When Springfree™ Trampoline’s Markham flagship store was looking to create a fun and interactive way for their customers to engage with them onsite in their showrooms, Resource Integrated Ltd. enthusiastically took on the challenge to help develop the perfect solution. The result:  a unique space using a variety of wall graphics including a magnetic chalkboard. A solution just as fun as the Springfree trampoline!

The showroom concept was a new concept for Springfree and the space needed to appeal and connect to their customer-base. The main focus walls needed to be inviting and allow customers to write, play and leave messages on the community wall. The space also required some flexibility for sharing company and community news and need to have a place to show off their awards.  The substrates selected would be durable, easy to maintain and allow certain graphics to be changed out in the future.


Keeping all these factors in mind, a fun and engaging interactive display wall was designed, produced and installed. Using state-of-the art materials, the showroom was transformed into a revolutionary play area. A magnetic chalkboard substrate was used on two wall surfaces that allowed easily removing and hanging new informative materials. This also provided and a fun way for users to leave messages and ‘play’ with the brand. Vinyl decals and cut out letters were used for the awards wall to help the imagery and message stand out conveying a fun yet sophisticated image for the brand.


A new fun and interactive store concept was born to reflect Springfree’s brand and products and was rolled out to various stores in Canada as well as in the US.

Resource Integrated Ltd. is a Richmond Hill-based, boutique-style production firm that specializes in printing, retail fixtures and displays, data-driven communications, as well as logistics and installation. For more information on how we can help your brand stand out, please contact us at (905) 771-3773.


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