Make Your Brand Stand Out with Custom Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever driven on the highway or a main road and noticed a striking advertisement on another vehicle? Even if you don’t currently need that particular service or product, there’s still something very alluring about bright and colourful vehicle wraps that make you look twice. Unique and noticeable vehicle wraps stand out from other vehicles on the road and can leave a lasting impression. Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective and ideal promotional tool used by businesses to either expand their customer-base in uncharted areas or make a name for themselves.

Create Local Awareness by Driving Your Brand Around

If you’re planning on relocating your business or opening a new branch in a populous city like Toronto, then consider investing in customized vehicle wraps. They’re an inexpensive and highly effective means of getting your company name out there and spreading your brand message. Everywhere you go with your branded company vehicle, people are bound to see your vehicle graphics and take notice. On any given day and depending on how far you or your employees travel in the vehicle, this could mean that your brand’s message could be viewed by anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of people. If you travel cross-country or to various events or locations, then your reach increases and the number of people who see your advertising could be exceptionally high.
vehicle graphics

Select a Strategic Message for Your Vehicle Wraps

If you’re out on the road driving, it’s safe to assume that other drivers don’t have a lot of time to do a significant amount of reading. Your vehicle graphics are like a travelling billboard and need to be attention-grabbing and noticeable without being too wordy or abrasive to the point that other drivers are completely distracted by them. Keep it simple. Be very strategic and selective with the type of marketing you want to portray. Before selecting a specific graphic design, ask yourself what message you want to convey. If your company offers multiple services and products, which one do you want to target with each particular vehicle wrap? Consider the areas you’ll be travelling through the most with each vehicle and try to appeal to the largest demographic that lives there. Also, make sure your company logo is prominently displayed and that the amount of text is minimal. On average, six seconds is the amount of time other travelling vehicles have to read your message. The less reading people have to do to understand what you’re promoting, the better.

Brand Recognition

It’s important to differentiate your brand from your competitors to establish significant brand recognition. So include memorable buzzwords and imagery on your vehicle graphics that are specific to your company, your services, and your products. Make it clear that you’re the best at what you do and very briefly explain why and how. Don’t write a long composition, just a few simple words and phrases that sum up your company will suffice. Most importantly, always include a call to action complete with contact information and web site and make sure it’s easily visible and readable from a distance.

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