Modular signage systems are innovative and modern signage formats that allow companies and organizations to proudly and prominently convey their key brand messaging to their intended audiences. Whether you work in retail, electronics, manufacturing, a medical facility, or even for a large corporation, every business in the GTA and Toronto can benefit from utilizing modular display solutions.

How Modular Signage Systems Work

Modular signage systems are a convenient and affordable way to implement signage with the flexibility to add and/or change the components down the road. The term “modular” often refers to standardized units which can be used alone, or as part of a larger piece to allow for a variety of uses depending on the need. The standardized portion could relate to the size, the way in which content is displayed, the product’s end-use along with a myriad of other factors. Many of these products are available as “off-the-shelf” solutions, however, most production companies specializing in signage displays are able to meet with clients to build a customized, modular, and proprietary system to best suit their needs.

Regardless of whether clients need small- or large-format signage, most production vendors have the proper tools and technology at their disposal—usually available on site—to design the graphics as well as physically produce them. Many of these vendors have even installed their very own 3D printers to make the process more convenient, efficient, and affordable for a large variety of clients ranging from large corporations to school boards to public healthcare clinics.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) or fabric graphics are an example of a modular system, whereby the graphic can be easily changed out of a pre-constructed frame. Systems like this are being implemented in retail and marketing environments because they are durable, transportable, environmentally friendly, and completely reusable for multiple campaigns. For more information about SEG signage click here. Many businesses use SEGs at corporate events, for experiential marketing (e.g. in-store sampling events), trade shows, and even conventions or retreats to capture the attention of passersby. SEGs are lightweight and versatile. They can be suspended from the ceiling for special effects, wall-mounted, backlit, double-sided with either the same image on both sides or two different images, and free-standing with supporting hardware.

Businesses that are located in office buildings, such as doctors’ offices and law firms, may require a different type of signage. Large-format “letterheads” also know as wayfinding signage, stationed behind the receptionists’ desk or even an office directory at the front entrance of the building can be very helpful tools, especially if there are multiple businesses renting office space in the same building. These types of modular systems allow the end user to easily alter or change information such as a suite number or employee name as they please rather than having to call a maintenance person every time, or worse, change the entire sign. Businesses are therefore spared a great deal of hassle, along with substantial time and money in the long run.

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