How vinyl wall graphic printing and installation transformed DHX Media corporate office

Vinyl wall graphics are often used to display logos and other branding reinforcement on office walls. But when you think beyond the usual use of wall graphics, you can actually transform the entire environment of your office space, with less hassle and less cost than bringing in the painters to refresh the walls (among other benefits).

DHX Media is a leading children’s media, distribution, and broadcasting company, home to such beloved characters and programs as Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Inspector Gadget, and Degrassi – to name a few. Their corporate offices in Toronto were attractive, with wood floors and clean design. But the standard corporate wall treatment of fairly neutral colours left the space indistinguishable from any other business environment. They needed something to bring their office to life.

What better than to let the characters of their popular media populate the walls in colourful graphic designs? The project’s first phase had Resource Integrated create life-size vinyl cut-outs of key characters and install these on various pillars throughout the office. Then we partnered with DHX and their UK design team to produce larger vinyl graphics wall treatments to make bold, lively statements on previously unused spaces.

The Teletubbies were hard at work exposing some “brick” beneath the vinyl graphics; a wall of “framed” portraits of various characters stopped visitors in their tracks to peruse the gallery; and Inspector Gadget cast his curious eye on the office. Meanwhile, another wall graphic showcased the worldwide activity of DHX using creative typefaces and design to list the cities the company operates from.

Think beyond the ordinary use of vinyl wall graphics, and truly bring your walls to life.