Fabric Prints Mounted on Modular Frames for a Large Grocery Retail Chain Utilizing Verde fastframe™

Recently, one of Canada’s largest grocery retail chain was looking to produce an oversized signage panel for one of their new store formats.  They were challenged to source directional signs that would be lightweight, span the length of grocery aisles, and needed to produce a single graphic panel that can be easily installed.

After reviewing various signage options, the retailer found the perfect framing system that fit their needs – the Verde fastframe system – a lightweight, eco-friendly and modular framing system that could be assembled quickly, with no tools, at any size and in any colour.

Custom constructed to 42 feet wide by 5 feet tall, the tension fabric frame system was then assembled with an eco-friendly stretch fabric in less than one week.   A team of installers and two scissor lifts later, two 42 feet wide signs were hung in less than 4 hours.  Now that’s fast!