Custom retail display fixtures demonstrate IOT at The Source

The Source was looking to create areas within their retail stores to highlight IOT – the “Internet of things” – the ability to control everything from your thermostat to your lights to your security using your mobile devices. The custom retail fixture needed to attractively display all of the products (and secure them) and include a working mobile device programmed to control them.

The Source tasked Resource Integrated with designing the display fixtures, creating prototypes which could be reviewed prior to production, manufacturing the displays, programming the mobile phones to ensure they could control the various products, and installing the display fixture in 15 stores to start. Oh, and we had less than two weeks to deliver. (Having worked with us before, The Source was confident we could make it happen.)

We designed a number of mini displays to highlight each product, along with a cylindrical metal display fixture and security bracket to hold the mobile device. Once The Source approved our design and prototype for the IOT display, we manufactured everything from the sleek metal display fixtures holding the cameras and speakers to the metal and Plexiglas display case for the lights. We also produced the print collateral and created the display for these.

Two weeks later, the display fixtures launched in 15 stores, and since then we’ve rolled them out to more and more stores across Canada.