Custom retail display fixtures & endcap fixtures launch Lucky Mobile

As Bell (BCE Inc) prepared to launch Lucky Mobile, an easy, low-cost, prepaid mobile service, they needed custom endcap fixtures to display and promote the new service in The Source retail outlets. The stores already had traditional endcap display fixtures, wire-rack fixtures which allowed them to hang products for display. But to amplify the space and highlight the launch of the Lucky Mobile brand, they needed something more.

The solution: a completely turnkey retail display fixture solution, complete with all print collateral, including brochures and signage.

We designed and created a custom metal and acrylic endcap fixture, backed by a bold graphic display. A shelf allows customers to view and handle the phones at a comfortable height, and display fixtures allow for three phones secured in each endcap, so that more than one customer at a time can check out the service. A more traditional, but sleek – in keeping with the overall design – rack allows for display of accessories below the shelf.

Some stores required wall fixtures rather than endcap fixtures, and we created these in the same style and look to maintain branding across the retail outlets.

We individually boxed and wrapped each component and shipped out to more than 200 stores within a month. Store staff simply needed to put the display fixture in position.