Perforated Window Graphics Design and Installation for Toronto Rehab Foundation

Your building’s windows can work 24-7 to market your business when you install see-through perforated window graphics. This remarkable advertising medium goes beyond plain old window signage. Now, you can create bold, colourful, large-format signage to promote product or service features and benefits; advertise upcoming offers; or reinforce your branding – in a dramatic venue using extremely valuable, but otherwise untapped marketing real-estate: your windows.

The magic of perforated window graphics is that from the outside they appear to be solid, opaque signs. But from inside your business, your employees continue to enjoy the view and the natural light from outside.

Toronto Rehab Foundation recognized the value of the extensive, floor-to-ceiling windows lining their building on one of downtown Toronto’s busiest streets. They turned to Resource Integrated to make the most of this very public advertising stage.

See-through window graphics appear solid from the outside

We recommended using 3M Scotchcal™ Perforated Window Graphic Film. With specially designed micropunctures covering 40 percent of the signage and 60 percent image density, the see-through window graphics offer a remarkably solid appearance from the outside. After the initial consultation, we designed the window signage and installed them on Toronto Rehab Foundation’s ground-level windows.

A wasted opportunity no longer. With perforated, see-through window graphics, the Foundation’s windows now helped convey their important message all day, every day. Resistant to weather, UV exposure and scratching, these durable perforated window graphics are ideal for mid- to long-term promotional and brand campaigns.

Take advantage of the untapped marketing potential in your company’s windows, and create effective displays with see-through window signage.