Security Brackets for Mobile Devices and Tablets

Theft is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide, with pocketable electronics, smartphones and tablets topping the list.

Mobile device retailers appreciate the importance of getting their mobile and electronic devices in store before their competition. Ensuring their devices are secure and protected from theft is critical and still allowing consumers full access to the product. The tactile connection is what sells!

Because mobile and electronic devices are not all created equal – different shapes, widths and sizes require custom security brackets. That’s where we come in.

At Resource Integrated Ltd. we’re industry experts at prototyping, fabricating and installing an unlimited variety of custom security brackets for every retail environment and display circumstance.


A Case Study

Recently, one of Canada’s largest national telecommunications company approached Resource Integrated Ltd. to design a new custom security bracket that could be fabricated, manufactured and produced faster and at a reduced cost, while providing improved security and not compromising customer accessibility. We answered the call.


– The original bracket was only secure at two points of contact.
– The turnaround time from production to installation was 4 to 6 weeks. Too long!
– New mobile phone models are received by our client’s only two weeks prior to launch in stores, which means the custom security bracket needs to be produced and installed instore within two weeks.
– The existing security bracket was too costly.
– The new proposed solution needed to be compatible with our client’s table top displays.



– The new security bracket has multiple points of contact to fit different mobile phone models, adaptable for different providers.
– Implemented state-of-the-art technology to scan product and design the initial security bracket prototype with our 3D printer.
– A special bracket claw was added as an extra security measure to cover the SIM card against possible theft.
– Each bracket came in a sealed bag and included an installation instruction sheet for store associates.
– New security brackets are always available in any colour, therefore adaptable for other retail clients.
– We reduced the cost from the original bracket by 20%.
– We reduced the turnaround time from 4 to 6 weeks to 2 to 3 weeks.



An innovative solution for a new mobile security bracket, adaptable for various mobile device models, enabling our client to be in market sooner, with more colour options and better security at less cost.