Intelocate Retail Compliance Software

Experience collaboration, simplified. We use the Intelocate communication platform to help centralize operations and streamline issue resolution across multiple locations.

Intelocate Retail Compliance Software

To expedite the planning and execution of retail installations, we use an advanced software platform specially designed to simplify the operational complexity of working with multi-location businesses. The platform effectively streamlines all communications between our project managers and installation teams, and our respective clients. It eliminates traditional headaches like labyrinthine email threads, spreadsheets and shared drives while allowing teams to communicate, share photos and sign off on projects.


All photos, files, comments, checklists and conversations are automatically organized and filed in the appropriate location, allowing teams to review plans and track progress on a site-by-site basis.

Realtime Intelligence

Our installers can upload photos, notes and files, and an email is instantly triggered to our client. The client can review all the completed work remotely and provide any feedback while the installer is still at the store location.

Easy & Intuitive

Organizations can be up and running overnight. The system’s simple design and ease of use enable company-wide adoption.

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