Vehicle wraps and graphics are one of the most effective forms of advertising because they are eye-catching and they are mobile, reaching a wide demographic across multiple geographic areas. There is no denying that large-format and vibrantly coloured vehicle graphics capture people’s attention and pique their interest when they are stuck in traffic or bypassing a company vehicle.

Why Brands Use Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Advertising

In diverse major cities like Toronto, vehicle wraps are a surefire way to get your brand noticed and engrained in people’s memories. After all, they are seen by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people daily depending on how populated the areas are that they drive through. On a national level, vehicle wrap installations are a booming business because intelligent marketing agents and companies recognize their importance in propelling brand recognition and putting their companies in the spotlight.

While most people might not be paying strict attention to every vehicle with which they share the road, this form of advertising helps to build brand awareness and presence, ensuring that consumers can make the connection with your logo and your services. Think of it as investing in one ad campaign which is reused a multitude of times, across multiple locations, over a long period of time. All this meaning, that you are stretching your marketing dollars as far as they can go. We all know the old adage of “being in the right place at the right time”. Mobile marketing offers up the opportunity to capture the attention of prospective consumers by increasing the frequency and chances of simply being “seen”.

Vehicle Wrap Design Installation

Installation of vehicle wraps can be fairly simple if using a company with the right skillset and knowledge. It is a unique type of installation as vehicles are 3-dimensional and almost always differ in shape and size. This must be taken into account, beginning at the design stage right through to installation. A seasoned team can help guide you through these steps so that the vehicle has maximum appeal given your budgets and timelines.

Material choices can also be discussed at the onset of your project to ensure that they are chosen for your intended vehicle lifecycle and within your cost allowances.

A high-quality vehicle wrap, installed by a certified team should last approximately 10 years, and it can withstand innumerable car washes along with the other necessities and hazards of driving and maintaining a vehicle.