Warehouse management and logistics services that are geared towards assisting a vast variety of clientele require a great deal of organization, experience, and familiarity with the inner workings of different types of industries and their needs. In other words, cutting corners is simply not an option. You need to hire a company that you can trust, a company that knows your business inside and out, or one that is at least willing to adapt to your unique preferences when it comes to storing products or prototypes for you. A well-rounded and established company will provide customized warehouse management solutions for numerous purposes, such as retail warehousing, kitting and fulfillment services, and logistics.

Customized Warehouse Management

Companies that provide flexible warehouse management and logistics services can also offer custom inventory methods to suit the supply and demand requirements of any business. One of the most convenient methods of tracking inventory is by connecting to a cloud-based system. This allows clients to conveniently view and track their warehousing and logistical prospects online in real time at their leisure.

Commissioning a company like Resource Integrated Ltd. to manage your inventory is a smart investment because it is one less thing you need to worry about for your business. All of your inventory will be accurately and securely accounted for and only authorized personnel will have access to your account information. You have the power to request any changes that you feel will benefit your business and facilitate a smooth-running operation and you can rest assured that it will be properly executed.

Our services include and are not limited to the following:

Retail Warehousing
We offer proper warehouse management and inventory tracking to benefit your business at large by automatically updating online and in-store stock inventory immediately and accurately.

Kitting and Fulfillment Services
Have a special project that requires multiple pieces to be assembled and shipped out? Our efficient staff can manage and kit your packages from start to finish and handle all the shipping.

Having a third party handle your logistics keeps your office space clear and free. Our warehouse services are equipped to help manage inventory, handling, packaging, warehousing, and transportation for all types of products with exceptional customer service and attention to detail, all in a secure location.

Our Display Catalogue below outlines a wide range of visual options available. Please contact us for any custom needs you may require.

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