2017 Trends That Will Drive Retail In-Store Marketing, Part 1

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New sales and marketing trends are constantly emerging, and with the start of a new year, it is especially important for retailers to constantly update their marketing strategies and tools to comply with evolving trends. Experts predict big changes for retail trends in 2017. Many of these changes will be technology-based and will rely upon comprehensive data collection that is influenced by consumer driven trends.


Mobile Devices

By now, it is a well-known fact that the majority of online purchases are performed on mobile devices. The main draw of mobile purchases is the convenience and efficiency they allow for consumers. While many customers are still enticed by the idea of spending the time shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, many retailers have also caught on to the idea that mobile apps and advertisements are also very profitable.

In some cases, mobile shopping is more advantageous because it opens up the channels of communication globally to customers in places where certain companies may not have physical locations where they live. Many customers enjoy the added convenience of being able to browse for and purchase items while on the go, especially considering that many people these days lead exceptionally busy lifestyles. This growing trend will propel the online presences of many retail businesses and help them reach their key performance indicator targets much faster.


Implementing the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices already allow businesses to connect with consumers in remarkably innovative ways, and they will continue to be a huge business and marketing trend in 2017.

The possibilities for this retail technology are endless. A few retail companies are already testing various consumer applications in store, such as smart mirrors in dressing rooms that allow customers to virtually try on clothing and even pair different articles of clothing together without having to change at all. Self-checkout kiosks are also becoming frequent fixtures within stores and oftentimes, customers are able to order and purchase products ahead of time and pick them up in store. This is a great feature that will continue to expand customer bases because it is efficient, convenient, and cost-effective for most customers.


Omni-channel Style of Marketing

The term “omnichannel style of marketing” has become a focal point of the marketing strategies of a variety of businesses because it recognizes that modern consumers are not only conducting more thorough research via different channels before purchasing products, but they are also using multiple channels simultaneously.

Connecting with retail consumers through multiple online and physical platforms will place retail companies in control and inundate their customers only with the information that is relevant to their business practices. Many consumers will find this style of marketing helpful because it puts the focus on not only locating the products they are looking for but also finding the best possible version of that product. The extra time consumers typically spend researching prices and sifting through online reviews can be cut down simply by minimizing the channels and focusing on one channel that includes everything the customer is looking for.

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