We are committed to sustainable business practices throughout our organization. It is our steadfast mission to use natural resources wisely and sparingly, and to maintain an ecological balance. From the materials we use to the products we manufacture, the waste we generate to the way we ship our products, everything we touch in our day-to-day business operations has been analyzed and optimized to ensure we are doing our part as an environmentally responsible business partner and community member.

Ultimately, our sustainable initiatives involve us taking responsibility for our impact and bringing sustainable solutions into our core operations, while engaging our employees and value chain partners to further our collective investment in the long-term health and resilience of our communities and natural environment.
We are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing processes. We aim to source the most environmentally friendly materials available in manufacturing our products; take care to reduce, reuse and recycle materials used; use water-soluble, safe lubricants on our printing presses; use only known domestic suppliers; and remain in full compliance with environmental standards. The steel we use contains recycled content and, closing the loop, any scrap steel we produce is recycled.
One of the best ways to keep products performing indefinitely and out of landfills is to build them to last. We take great care to use the highest-quality and environmentally friendly materials available so that the end-products we manufacture remain in use and out of landfills. We have also nurtured close relationships with our suppliers to ensure that the materials they provide us with are of the highest quality and produced in accordance with today’s best labour practices.
FSC certified
Resource Integrated is a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified company. Our FSC certification ensures that the paper-based materials we use come from verified and responsible sources that have met FSC’s strict environmental and social requirements.
Resource Integrated

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