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3D printing may seem like new technology, but it has been used by manufacturers for a long time. During the last 30 years, it has made huge strides to become more available and mainstream. Numerous 3D printing services come out of the woodwork every year, and 3D rapid prototyping services are helping companies thrive. In fact, 3D printing applications have facilitated advancements in the fields of medicine, retail, and design.


3D Printing in the Retail Industry

With 3D technology becoming more readily available and affordable, the retail industry is seeing a surge of usefulness to develop effective marketing, promotions, and advertising. Retailers are constantly searching for innovative ways to market their stores and new products to the public. 3D rapid prototyping services provide the perfect platform to demonstrate potential customers how new products are made as well as how they work. It also affords companies the ability to prototype large retail fixtures and structures cost effectively and more quickly, whereas in past large prototypes were constructed out of the final materials that would be used. Employees of large companies can now easily finance demonstrations of their inventive ideas to improve sales within their companies by utilizing 3D printing services to enhance their presentations.

The sky is the limit for using 3D technology. What may have been conceived as inhibitive or impossible to manufacture, can easily transform and be generated from digital blueprints into a perfect 3D object. In turn, this has made it possible for retailers to use this technology by demonstrating how products are made at live events, increasing productivity.


3D Printing in the Design Industry

Additive manufacturing is an intelligent contribution to the design industry because they are both founded on the same basic principle that anything that can be imagined can be built. When it comes to 3D printing, we are literally watching something—an object—being put together piece by piece and layer by layer. Each part has been intricately, elaborately, and carefully designed to make up the whole. The process of 3D printing is almost like a design prototype in itself because it allows designers to visualize how their ideas are actually being realized and this allows them to immediately identify any kinks or issues that need to be smoothed out along the way.

After all, designing a product or work of art involves many intricate steps that individually may not be worth much, but as a whole, hold a great deal of value. That is why it is a good idea to work with reputable 3D printers to ensure that your company is getting the highest quality, state-of-the-art, and best-designed products that are on the market today.


3D Printing in the Medical Field

With so many different advancements infiltrating the technological world, medical science has especially seen a vast variety of innovative ideas coming to fruition. 3D printers now come equipped with applications once considered unfathomable in the past. The innovative potential expands over all medical fields, including dentistry, surgery, pharmaceuticals, prosthetics, stem cell research, and even transplantation.

Various processes that would have previously taken weeks or months to perform can now be completed in far less time. This includes creating molds, organ transplantations, and building prosthetic limbs, all because of additive manufacturing technology. Even the pharmaceuticals industry is benefitting exponentially from using 3D printing applications that allow pharmacists to conveniently and accurately measure out dosages of medications for patients in record time.

Not only do these new 3D printing applications allow pharmacists to dispense medication faster and more precisely, but 3D printing services have also created a platform to speed up the manufacturing processes of these medications. The traditional value chain in the pharmaceuticals industry is being turned upside down.


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