4 Benefits of Window Displays for Businesses

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Window displays are a great form of advertising for many businesses and brands. It offers the opportunity for businesses to speak to an extended audience as they walk  by a store. Overall, the purpose of window displays is to entice people to either come into the store or learn more about the business. Here are some key benefits of utilizing  window displays for your business. 


Eye-catching For Consumers

Catching the attention of customers can be difficult as they are going through their everyday lives. Window displays in the front of your business or in front of a relevant shop ensures that you stay top of mind as your customer’s go through their shopping journey. A potential customer may stop and read the display and decide to come in. Window displays provide the opportunity to catch the attention of a customer in a creative way at a businesses’ storefront. 


Promotes Special Events & Deals

It can be tricky to ensure customers are aware of sales, events and deals in store therefore, window displays can feature specific messaging to communicate with the client base as well as potential consumers. Displaying deals on the window of a storefront can also attract more customers in store. Utilizing window display for promotions and special events can also be a great way to reach a larger audience as people are passing by the display.


Creates Overall Brand Awareness

A great benefit of window display is a customer may see the display but not make a purchase on the day; however, the display has created awareness towards the business and brand which increases the potential for future purchase. Creating awareness through window display can be a great addition to a marketing strategy as it creates buzz around a specific brand or promotion they are running optimizing potential leads and customers. To increase brand awareness, making sure that the logo or name of a business is on the display is crucial. 


Creative Format

Window displays are a great creative advertising format. It allows brands to think big and create colorful and eye-catching assets. Since a window display can be featured on a businesses’ storefront it’s important that it reflects how the brand wants to be perceived to its customers. Additionally, window displays are a great opportunity for businesses to get creative with seasonal products, offerings and events. The customers are able to directly relate what they are seeing on the window with what they will see in store.

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