4 Display Signage Trends You Will See in 2023

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Display signage plays a significant role in reaching the right customers at the right time. Businesses can now effectively communicate their message, product and branding to customers through an appealing, interactive and eye-catching display. Not only is it a great and effective way to communicate product offerings, but it can also be used to highlight promotions, events and special offers. As display signage grows in popularity, we are looking at 4 trends you will see in 2023.



Easy Social Media Integration

Social Media platforms continue to evolve and provide customers more opportunities to connect with brands. Being present on social media platforms becomes increasingly more important. Display signage offers the opportunity to visually help connect customers to the business’s social account. Companies can now display QR codes that lead customers to their site and social accounts, easily gaining followers and ultimately the ability to engage with more consumers.  

Virtual Reality (In Reality)

With the rise of virtual reality, such as the Metaverse, consumers and businesses have seen the importance of visual technology. The industry will continue to see displays meet virtual reality systems to provide additional interactivity and consumer engagement. 

Personalized Messaging

As consumers are highly exposed to all types of brand messaging daily. Brands are starting to get creative with the messaging providing eye-catching designs or engaging copy through their display signage. It’s crucial that businesses continue to add creativity to their display signage to stand out from all the messaging consumers are exposed to. 

 A New Way to Look at Your Space

Digital signage is leading the retail space with new ways for consumers to interact in-store. The rise of online shopping has brought new consumer behaviours, and providing in-store digital signage connects online shopping screen behaviour with the offline buying experience.  

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