Custom vehicle wrap design tips to make your brand the talk of Toronto

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Car signage and graphics crowd the highways and streets of the GTA, so follow these tips to make your company’s brand and messaging to stand out from all the other vehicle wrap messages on the road


Select a simple, strategic message for your vehicle wraps

Drivers don’t have time to read a lot. Your vehicle graphics are like a travelling billboard and need to be attention-grabbing and noticeable without being too complex. Before selecting a specific graphic design, ask yourself what message you want to convey.

If your company offers multiple services and products in the Toronto area, which one do you want to target with each particular vehicle wrap? Consider the areas you’ll be travelling through the most with each vehicle and try to appeal to the largest demographic that lives there. Make sure the message and imagery on your vehicle graphics are specific to your company, your services, and your products.


Be bold with your brand on your vehicle wrap

Big, bold, graphics on your vehicle get noticed. You have a large canvas to work with, so take advantage of it with a look that people will remember. But don’t overcrowd your vehicle graphics so that people have to stare for seconds to decipher what’s going on. Simple, clear, clean, and uncluttered are the watchwords when designing your company’s vehicle wrap.


Keep copy to a minimum on vehicle graphics

Prominently display your company logo on your vehicle wrap and keep the text brief and to the point. On average, six seconds is the amount of time other travellers have to read your message. The less reading people have to do to understand what you’re promoting, the better.

The exception to this, of course, is Toronto’s rush hour traffic, when customers may find themselves stuck behind your company vehicle for longer periods. The rear of your vehicle can be used to display your website or phone number, since there’ll be more time for it to register.

Make it clear that you’re the best at what you do and very briefly explain why and how – in a clear slogan or a few short bullet points. Include a call to action complete with contact information and website and make sure it’s easily visible and readable from a distance.


Create local awareness by driving your brand around

While parking your vehicle on a Toronto street will get your message out, the more you actually drive your vehicles around the GTA, the more people have an opportunity to see it.

On any given day and depending on how far you or your employees travel in the vehicle, this could mean that your vehicle graphics could be viewed by anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of people. If you travel cross-country or to various events or locations, then your reach increases and the number of people who see your advertising could be exceptionally high.

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