Four benefits of custom business wall graphics

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What are custom business wall graphics? They’re a powerful, economical way to improve the look and feel of office spaces, draw attention to marketing and promotions for retail locations, or create a custom, branded environment for restaurants and entertainment facilities. Made of vinyl and other materials, they offer endless possibilities for a fast, custom makeover to your business space.

Custom wall graphics cost your business less than you might think

While your wall graphics can be customized to your business branding, messaging or simple décor requirements, they’re actually an economical alternative to hiring professional painters or paper hangers to refresh the walls of your office, retail or service space. Once you add in materials, preparation and time, the cost of those techniques adds up – and they’re not really that custom, are they?

Custom wall graphics offer fast design, production, installation

A vinyl wall graphic can be printed and installed at your business within a couple of days by a small, experienced team. Designing takes a little longer, but by working with pros who understand the medium, you can go from ordinary walls to “wow” in as little as a few days.

Your custom design, your custom message, your custom wall graphic

Instead of an off-the-shelf wall treatment, you’ve customized the graphic presentation of your branding, promotion or décor with your unique design. And you’ve got a durable, permanent wall treatment that’s easy to care for. But if you’d like to change things up now and then…

…Business wall graphics let you adjust for seasonal offers or atmosphere.

Choose a semi-permanent wall graphic for your marketing and promotion needs. For instance, semi-permanent vinyl graphics can be used for recurring events such as annual back-to-school or holiday campaigns. They’re easy to take down, store, and reinstall the following year. Illuminated and non-illuminated framing systems also let you change your graphics as required.

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