How to Keep Shoppers Engaged at the Mall

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In today’s technology and consumer-driven world, retailers need to remain relevant and must go head to head against their online competition. They need to understand and utilize innovative methods to keep their customers engaged while they are physically shopping in their establishments as even when people are shopping in store, they are still being lured to look at their online mobile devices.

Oftentimes, shoppers compare online prices from other companies’ web sites, such as Amazon or eBay, and if the online price is more affordable, they will test the product out in person and then purchase it online. Some economists have predicted the fall of the retail industry in the near future as a result of the current online shopping revolution. More then ever, retailers need to work harder to redirect and obtain the attention of their physical shoppers with eye-catching in-store marketing promotions and advertising.

Modular Signage Systems

One way to engage physical shoppers in stores is by creating technologically engaging modular signage systems. The key is to implement modular display solutions that are attention-grabbing enough to pique initial interest and exponentially increase foot traffic. Retailers must offer consumers special incentives that feel personal by nature and make them want to enter stores to try clothes on, test products in person instead of relying on online reviews, and even willfully interact with salespeople.

Use Outdoor Signage

The advent of consumer-related mobile apps such as Flipp, Ibotta, Amazon, eBay, and even social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter has opened the floodgates for multi-channel consumerism. The vast majority of consumers will either have conducted their product research prior to purchasing an item in store, or the in-store visit is part of their research process before purchasing an item online.

Part of the point of large-format signage is to target those consumers who are still uncertain about making online purchases and convince them that it is more beneficial to simply purchase the items in store. As retailers, it is imperative to create situations in which customers must interact with employees so that the employees can act as useful links to increasing sales. Outdoor signs should ideally offer just enough information to intrigue consumers yet be ambiguous enough to still approach employees for more details. This way, the retailers can subtly tap into the consumer’s subconscious and lead them into a sale. Exterior banners and vehicle wraps are just the starting points to get the initial message across and encourage customers to enter retail establishments.

Informational Signage

Once consumers are in the store, the signage needs to be more direct and informational. The last thing retailers want to happen is for customers to become frustrated because they are having a hard time finding the products they are looking for. On top of that, most stores these days seem to have limited staff available. For every employee, there seems to be at least 10 customers vying for their attention. To remedy this issue, retailers need to execute strong modular display solutions and strategies that make it easier for customers to navigate stores and make their shopping experience easy

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