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A Magnetic Wall that will change the way you think of in-store visuals!

This custom engineered magnetic system is not only useful for flat surfaces – like walls, but also for frames, fixtures and even columns!

The beauty of this system is the magnetic layers, which allow users to apply and remove printed magnetic panels from the intended surface as they wish. This eliminates the need for professional removals and installations on subsequent campaigns, unlike when using traditional vinyl adhesives.

Use the base magnet as a backdrop and add changeable messaging/graphics on top. It’s that easy! Graphics can be layered on top of one another with the use of additional magnetic sheets. And don’t forget, as always we can cut images to shape! This allows you to build on to campaigns, add to your creative, or update portions, without the need to reprint a full panel.

Realize quicker ROI’s by reducing freight costs and eliminating repeat installation costs.

At Resource Integrated – we are committed to delivering you with Pure and Simplified solutions to provide higher quality and cost effective solutions. We thrive on finding alternatives and being prepared for the next big launch.

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