3D Holographic Displays

Broadcast spellbinding, animated 3D holographic images in your store or trade show display and reach a whole new level of experiential empowerment.

Given today’s increasingly distracted digital world, retailers need to dig deep to capture attention and inspire action. At Resource Integrated, we’re continuously combing the forefront of innovation to help our partners stand out, get noticed and support their industry pioneer status.

Without a doubt, 3D holographic displays break through the sensory overloaded clutter and become the automatic focus of every live environment. These ingenious holographic billboards make it appear as though animated images are floating in air, with an impressive degree of detail and fluidity in storytelling.

3D Holographic Fans

The science behind the 3D holographic technology consists of an LED-loaded fan that spins rapidly like a windmill or propeller. This fan is typically mounted against a wall and encased for safety, though two units can also be combined back-to-back if desired.

Anytime, Any Way

The super-bright LED technology allows the holographic images to be broadcast even under brightly lit conditions – without viewers needing any special equipment such as 3D glasses to enjoy the spectacle. The holographs also have a wide viewing range with minimal distortion, even on the periphery of the suggested 150-175 degree viewing angle.

Wide Variety of Uses

3D holographic displays are ideal for digital signage campaigns, digital point-of-sale displays, digital out-of-home displays, trade shows displays and more.

RI Enabled

Customizable animations are relatively easy to create and control. The easy-to-use RI-managed platform allows users to develop their own 3D content and upload it to the device via SD card.

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