Elevator Doors


Elevator Doors



Women’s College Hospital is a teaching hospital located in downtown Toronto. In-class learning was back in full swing and the interior halls needed a much needed boost to re-invigorate returning students. The mission was to change out the 22 elevator doors across 11 floors without being disruptive to staff and patients.



The tired graphics needed to be removed and the new graphics re-installed over a two-day period. Weekdays are a busy place at the hospital, so our team dropped in from the sky on a fall weekend and stealthily removed and re-installed the new graphics as quickly as possible. Tom Cruise and the team from Mission Impossible would have nothing on our team.



The 3M IJ180 vinyl material we selected allowed the vibrant colours to pop and highlight the latest messaging. We added lamination to create a scratch resistant product which provides longevity and durability for years to come.

We were invited to collaborate with the museum in developing display materials that could help convey information and feel contemporary while respecting the institution’s proud heritage.

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