Interactive retail wall display systems bring wall graphics to life

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Magnetic chalkboard wall display
Magnetic chalkboard wall display creates interactive experience for retail customers

Retail wall displays or graphics don’t have to be static messages or images – interactive retail wall display systems can add a completely new dimension to the walls at your business.

Interactive wall displays let you stimulate your customer’s senses (sight, sound, and touch) to create a positive and memorable experience of your retail environment.

Your store’s interactive wall display might include embedded screens, creative backlit screens for shelving; interactive digital signage; hands-on whiteboards or chalkboards; and more. Let your imagination free, or ask us for ideas.

Markham trampoline retailer uses interactive wall displays to encourage buyers

When Springfree™ Trampoline’s Markham flagship store was looking to create a fun and interactive way for their customers to engage with them in their retail showrooms, Resource Integrated Ltd. took on the challenge to come up with a solution just as fun as the Springfree trampoline: a unique space using a variety of wall graphics including a magnetic chalkboard that let customers (and staff) express themselves.

The showroom was a new concept for Springfree and the space needed to appeal and connect to their customer base. We suggested an inviting area that would encourage customers to write, play and leave messages on a community wall display.

The space also required some flexibility for sharing company and community news and need to have a place to show off their awards. The substrates selected would be durable, easy to maintain and allow certain graphics to be changed out in the future.

A magnetic chalkboard substrate on two wall surfaces allowed staff to easily remove and hang new informative materials. It also provided a fun way for kids and their parents to leave messages and “play” with the brand. Vinyl decals and cut out letters enhanced an “awards wall” display.

This fun new interactive store concept was a hit, and was rolled out to various stores in Canada and the U.S.

Start brainstorming about how retail interactive wall displays can enhance your store and help you sell your products – or ask us to show you more ways we’ve helped retailers bring their wall displays to life.

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