Metro Food Basics Landsdowne & Dupont Gets Graffiti Wall

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Graffiti Wall – Designed by Meagan Claire Kehoe
Lansdowne & Dupont Food Basics Graffiti Wall – Designed by Meagan Claire Kehoe

Metro Ontario discount division is represented by Food Basics stores. In recent years many of these stores have been revitalized to elevate the standards of discount shopping and to represent the expectations and the tastes of the modern, descerning shopper. A number of new locations have also risen out of this revitalization process with none more impactful than in the recently gentrified neighbourhood of Lansdowne Avenue and Dupont Street in Toronto where Food Basics modern look is beautifully integrated into an historic heritage landmark site built in 1910 for the Canada Foundry Co.

The Opportunity

The Landsdowne and Dupont neighbourhood has built a reputation in Toronto for being well represented with a variety of diverse cultures, ethnicity and now a broader demographic profile with the influx of condos, lofts and townhomes into the area but also uncommonly, with a great deal of very interesting and highly visible graffiti. Metro felt they needed to blend into the community in a way that their customers could relate to and embrace.

The Concept

So as the saying goes, when in Rome…do as the Romans do. Metro decided to dedicate three high profile brick walls and introduce graffiti murals into their Food Basics retail environment, which has never been done before. A bold move for Metro and a great way to bring community spirit and edginess to the store.

The Solution

Because of Resource Integrated’s long standing relationship with Metro as a solution provider, they mentioned that they were looking to engage a graffiti artist, but were at a bit of a standstill in their negotiations.

Resource Integrated came to the rescue by introducing Metro to our favourite mural artist, Meaghan Claire Kehoe. Together we talked about what Metro was looking for in the way of representing their vision for ‘ALWAYS MORE FOR LESS’, ‘ALWAYS FRESH’ and ‘ALWAYS IN STOCK’ to this diverse neighbourhood.

The Outcome

After the briefing, Meaghan presented her brilliant concepts, they were quickly approved, with only minor alterations and up went the scaffolding. Well not exactly that quickly! Fortunately for Metro, Meagan is qualified to work on a construction site and at heights and on a lift, otherwise this project would never have gotten off the ground, literally.

The finished mural walls look vibrant, inspired and are an exciting addition to Metro’s new Food Basics concept, that embraces community, a contemporary art form and heritage. Bravo!

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