How retail phone and tablet display stands protect your mobile device demos from theft

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Retail phone and tablet display stands can showcase mobile devices and electronics very effectively. If customers have the opportunity to pick up a smartphone or tablet and try it out, they’re a lot more likely to buy. Of course, that availability attracts thieves, too.

Since the advent of expensive mobile devices, retailers have struggled with how to allow customer interaction while keeping their smartphone and tablet displays secure from theft. And since new models get introduced on a seemingly weekly basis, custom retail display stands need to be quickly updated or easily modified to accommodate different sizes and shapes of devices.

So you have a number of things to consider when you look for the right retail electronics display.

1. Fit and adaptability. Will the device display stand’s security features accommodate your existing products and adapt to different phone or tablet models?

2. Appearance/design. Will the phone/tablet display fulfill its retail objective and show off the device in the best way possible, integrating both into your overall retail and branding aesthetic and into your existing retail fixtures?

3. Security. Will the device display stand provide adequate, or even extra, protection from theft?

4. Turnaround. If a new device requires a new display stand, how fast can you have it in hand?

Retail phone and tablet display stand design and production – three real-life examples

When Bell launched Lucky Mobile, Resource Integrated developed, manufactured and installed wall and endcap fixtures to display phones and tablets while promoting the low-cost prepaid mobile service. The metal and acrylic fixtures included graphic signage displays, a display table with integrated, custom, theft-proof tablet and mobile phone displays; and a custom slatwall for additional product display.

For its chain of consumer electronics and mobile phone retailers, The Source tasked Resource Integrated with creating in-store displays to showcase a variety of smarthome products, including mobile device display stands.

And Bell turned to Resource Integrated to design a new smartphone display security bracket that could be fabricated, manufactured and produced faster and at a reduced cost, while providing improved security and not compromising customer accessibility.

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