RI Teams Up with Rogers 302 to Create an Immersive Retail Experience

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Rogers Communications has announced plans to launch a new consumer experience at its retail locations. The first venue to offer this new archetype, is Rogers’ flagship store, located at 302 Yonge Street, at the corner of Yonge and Dundas, in Downtown Toronto. It was constructed with the ambitious vision of becoming a destination of sheer innovation, by showcasing the newest wireless devices and network capabilities, smart home technology and media content, for both residential consumers and businesses.

To help achieve this goal, Rogers would require state-of-the-art signage and displays. 

The store build team at Rogers reached out to Resource Integrated (RI) for assistance. The production team at RI jumped in headfirst to create innovative signage solutions, that brilliantly highlight the various product brands displayed throughout the store. At Resource Integrated, we strive to continuously spur the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our partners stand out as industry pioneers.

Our company offers individualized solutions for all your branding and signage needs, as well as your virtual presence. If you can dream it, we will make it happen. If conceptualization is not your forte, our visionary creative team will identify unique and effective solutions, that make your brand stand out in a sea of competitors.

Firing on all cylinders, our team went to work, offering our client cutting-edge, emerging technology, that allows Rogers to stand out as a leader in innovative retail messaging.


Introducing, three-dimensional holographic displays, from Resource Integrated.

3D holographic displays shine through the endless barrage of images and advertisements consumers receive, quickly becoming the primary focus of every live environment. In stunning detail and fluidity, these ingenious LED billboards make it appear as though animated images are floating before your eyes. In collaboration with the Rogers team, we created a spellbinding animation, creating captivating store interiors.


Subsequently, we introduced Rogers to a revolutionary transparent screen technology. Composed of high-performance colour LEDs, these displays reveal incredibly vibrant images, that project outward, capturing the intrigue of passerby. These dazzling screens are ideal for window displays and glass walls. Fascinating and alluring, these displays grab the attention of window shoppers, within the most bustling pedestrian intersection in the country. This leading-edge technology continues to allow lights and sights from outside to be seen from inside the store. 


There’s more! We weren’t done yet…

We added yet another wow factor, by programming and installing animated lightboxes at this marquee Rogers location. These small revolutionary devices display a combination of static images and moving pictures. Using LED technology, brilliant light sequences are rear projected onto a printed fabric, pointedly highlighting specific areas of an image, creating remarkable animations. Constructed using commercial-grade aluminum frames, special dye-sublimation ink and silicon edge fabrics, we’ve created a stunning effect, that can be used to market your latest product offerings.

If all this impressive technology makes you feel a little tired, we’ve got that covered too! The 302 Café is conveniently located right inside the store and a delicious cup of joe will pep up your shopping experience. 

At Resource Integrated, our impressive entrepreneurial spirit is by no means limited to innovative retail display technology. We also offer great tasting coffee. Tony Rubino, Managing Director of RI, is a partner in the Kitchener-based café and roastery, Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters. In conjunction with the Rogers store build team, Tony helped facilitate the relaxing environment and offerings at Café 302. Coffee from Smile Tiger is exclusively featured at this location.


We don’t do it all – just yet – but we’re always seeking new and sensational ways to expand the multitude of products and services we offer.

Contact our team directly, so we can help make your next retail or hospitality experience remarkable.

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