5 Key Tips to Make Your Signage Stand Out In Retail

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As retail locations begin re-opening, it is the perfect time to reconsider your marketing and think of strategies that allow you to gain exposure and extend your client reach. Retail signage will be a critical area of marketing you might want to consider as part of your reopening. Don’t let your business get lost in the shuffle of countless other stores and overused visuals. It’s time to be eye-catching and memorable with your displays. The store that creates the most buzz.. wins! So here are five key tips to stand out with unbeatable signage:


It is critical to identify the goals for your retail signage. Are you looking to sell something specific? Inform people of your products and services? You decide. Another important thing to consider is your target audience. Who are you looking to appeal to? What age groups are they typically? What type of imagery will resonate with them?

These are all key questions when identifying your business goals and overall scope. The next step is to design your displays to cohesively achieve these goals.


Preparation is the key to success when planning signage for your next major promotion. It is recommended that you begin planning your promotion well in advance of the event. Being properly prepared and putting extensive effort into your signage will make a big difference to your store’s overall experience. Think about what types of signage you’d like to use for your promotion. Digital Displays? Illuminated Signs? Large Format Graphics?

High quality displays are worth the investment as they will make your business appear more professional. Make sure to do your research and share with your signage company (US!), what your goals are with your latest promotion. 


When designing your retail appearance, pick only your best images to display. Try not to overcrowd your space with unnecessary images and text. Focus on presenting high quality and engaging material rather than just the biggest sign in the room. Ensure that your displays correspond with your overall brand and store theme! Try to be noticeable without being overwhelming to the viewer, ensure that your signage is conducive and enhances their shopping experience. 



Choose short, simple and targeted keywords for your signage. Try to be bold, clear and concise with your verbiage to appeal to a viewer who is passing by. People will not be interested in lengthy paragraphs that take time to digest. While staying simple, try to be unique. Try out new display methods such as our Verde Fastframe for an impressive large format fabric graphics. Bringing something different to the table (literally) will make a more lasting impression on your viewers. The more memorable you are, the more likely you are to see long-term benefits from your trade show experience. 


Use this time to highlight your success with a display of your past work. Much like reading the reviews before purchasing a product, people will be encouraged by examples of your success stories. Also, make sure to feature your contact information, website URL, and social media platforms so that viewers can follow up with your business. Always keep your company name and logo well displayed in your signage to strengthen the chance of being remembered.

With all of that being said, make sure you love the signage that you display. Displays are a  fantastic way to advertise for your business, engage your customers, drive brand awareness and conversions. As they say, any publicity is good publicity! 


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