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We are in a time of continuous and rapid change. As technology becomes more advanced, businesses must work harder to keep up with the latest trends in order to avoid being outdated. All of this is true in the world of display signage. Now let us explore some current trends that we are seeing in 2021.


It is time to start investing in digital displays. The days of posters and other basic display methods are falling far behind us. In order to stay current, businesses are filling their storefronts with digital display signage. There are many benefits to this digital switch including saved costs over time and an improved customer experience. A digital display allows for variation and updates to be made at any time. Instead of a potential customer seeing one advertisement as they pass by, they can see several as the display constantly changes from one advertisement to another. 

The digital display options are endless. Check out a battery-powered LCD display that is freestanding, WIFI enabled and cordless. Displays like this would be perfect for a retail setting where cords would only get in the way. Another option may be a transparent LED screen – the perfect fit for a store window. These LED screens work well on their own but can easily be combined to create a truly mesmerizing visual effect.

Battery Operated Digital Displays
Battery Operated LCD Display at Bell


When planning your displays, always be aware that you will be in competition with all other businesses and their advertising techniques. It is crucial to grab the attention of any potential customers and give them a reason to be interested in your brand! Now is the time to be innovative. Be different. Think beyond regular.

As we look around us, technology is everywhere. Developing a strong digital advertising presence is just the start. Think bigger. Think 3D holographic displays. Now it may seem out of this world, but a holographic display is completely within your reach. These displays are creating a memorable experience while telling a story that deserves to be told. Your brand is worthy of an investment like this. A holographic display presents a high quality 3D image that appears to be floating in mid air. What could be more eye-catching than that?

While on the topic of stepping out of the box, we have to mention 3D printing. While still fairly new to the scene, 3D printing has created a faster and more customizable production experience. Businesses can go from concept to design to prototype in record time. Also, there are lower costs and less waste associated with 3D printing in comparison to the traditional manufacturing process.

With all of that being said, it is important to find your perfect mix of innovation and engaging your customers. Most successful businesses are incorporating several different display techniques to present a well-rounded signage appearance but also appeal to traffic. Start with creating a goal for the experience you are looking to deliver, and when you are ready, Resource Integrated can help you bring your signage ideas to life. 

3D Holographic DIsplay Fireplace At Rogers 302


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