3 Things To Know Before You Get a Vehicle Wrap

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3 Things To Know Before You Get a Vehicle Wrap 

Vehicle wraps are a great and creative way to advertise your business. You can now display your messaging, contact information and logos in a simple and eye-catching way. Wrapping a vehicle also allows for widespread attention. Whether the car is parked or on the move, your business is constantly being advertised and seen by everyone passing by. Here are 3 essential things you may need to know about vehicle wraps. 

Flexibility and change

Your messaging may change, and so should your ability to change your advertising. Vehicle wraps allow for changes, allowing your business flexibility to alter designs, logos, and messaging. The capability to change allows for creativity in colours, patterns, placement and materials, making every advertisement completely customizable. Get creative! Vinyl, gloss, matte, red, purple, blue, fully wrapped or partially wrapped. It’s your choice every time you need a change.

Reach and Data

Wrapped vehicles can be a great way to reach your audience by geographically targeting locations where billboards and displays can take a lot of work to place. In addition, a wrapped vehicle is a moving advertisement which means it can reach more people daily simply by moving around town in various locations. You can monitor mileage, reach and estimated impressions with vehicle tracking for more accurate marketing reporting. 


Like billboard ads, in-store or window displays, your vehicle wrap needs adequate maintenance to maintain quality. Unlike regular display banners, the maintenance of a car wrap may require more time and energy. Understanding the proper steps to keep your wrap clean and shiny is crucial. It’s important to remember that having a truck or vehicle wrap is an investment in your marketing. Proper care is essential; aftercare will give you the best value. The recommendation is that wraps be washed by hand only with a specifically designed cleaning agent for vehicle wraps at least once a week. Keep your wrap maintained, and it will all be worth it!

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