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It is well understood that online marketing is important to our businesses. However, online marketing is only a portion of your heavy lifting. Your online presence whether it be through your website, social media, or email marketing may be responsible for bringing the customer into your store. However when they are in store, you have the opportunity to impress customers with state of the art in-store marketing tools such as visual merchandising and displays. This is why offline marketing efforts such as digital display signage should be considered as another critical portion of your marketing strategy.

Just a few examples of digital display signage are LCD displays, dynamic motion boxes and holographic displays, just to name a few.

But how does this improve your marketing plan? Let’s find out.


Digital displays are easy to adjust to suit the needs of the business in real-time. Enhance your customer experience with displays that can help boost your sales by creating awareness amongst your customers. Utilize your digital displays to promote new product launches, promoting daily sales and special offers. If your business operates in seasonal trends, you can use these agile and versatile displays to regularly keep up with new updates. 

Trying a combination of various types of displays can help you perform market testing to gather information on what display techniques generate the most sales for your business.

In our project with Shaw Mobile, we designed and implemented a variety of seamless edge-to-edge printed fabric surfaces with a backlit light-box, to both transform their space and drive awareness on Shaw’s latest and greatest products. (read more)

Illuminated Lightboxes

Alternatively, you may consider trying something sleek and visually appealing, like a battery-powered LCD display. These displays are eye-catching and can help bring customers into your store.

View here, how Bell has leveraged battery-powered LCD displays to engage passer by traffic to come in! (Read more) Their boards allow customers to digest critical information on-the-go.

Battery Operated Digital Displays
Battery Operated LCD Display at Bell


Now that you’ve got your in-store marketing displays covered, why stop there? Bring your marketing scheme to life on the road. Redesign any basic company vehicle with high-quality, durable graphics to stand out in the crowd. You will increase your audience reach with every mile!

Click here to see how Resource Integrated created a fleet of moving billboards for Bell Canada. This award-winning partnership brought Bell’s marketing plan to another level with spectacular colours and designs – all while providing long-lasting durability.

Bell's Fleet Vehicle Graphics


It’s no surprise that a wonderful customer and in store experience can build a loyal customer. Explore the use of a holographic display to bring your brand to the next level. Holographic displays can quickly capture the attention of your customers and bring an impressive advantage to your retail space. 

In December 2020, Resource Integrated had the honour of partnering with Rogers to help launch their flagship location in Toronto. Our team delivered Rogers 302 with stunning 3D holographic displays. In stunning detail and fluidity, these ingenious LED billboards make it appear as though animated images are floating before your eyes. In collaboration with the Rogers team, we created a spellbinding animation, creating captivating store interiors. Read More

Holographic Display At Rogers 302

However, your displays encourage your customers to understand the exclusive perks or incentives of buying from your businesses or to join your loyalty programs. View here how Freedom Mobile used a SUPER size display to showcase their exclusive BIG gig unlimited data plan, an immediate attention grabber for those who walk into the store. Read More

Verde Fast Frame Display at Freedom Mobile

It’s clear that new customers can be converted into loyal customers if your brand is committed to delivering them with dynamic and seamless shopping experiences. Displays bring endless opportunities to your business with style, agility and functionality. The customer experience is your highest priority – so it is time to close the gap between your online and in-store presence. You’ve got this!


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